Random Number Generator (RNG)

Jun 10, 2024

It's the algorithm that brings the magic of randomly selecting a winner from the physical world to the digital space.

That's where our certified Random Number Generator (RNG) steps in, guaranteeing that each winner chosen on our platform is selected at random. 

The answers to the questions you probably have:

1. How does this thing actually work?

Cue the drumroll! (Or perhaps we should say the algorithm...)

Imagine a room filled with excitement, a massive raffle drum (or raffle box...you catch our drift?) overflowing with tickets or bingo balls, and the air thick with anticipation as your supporters eagerly await to discover who the lucky winner will be.

Now, picture trading that old-school raffle drum for a sleek digital raffle box (yup, that's us) where our RNG technology steps in.

Just like a physical drum mixes tickets, our digital algorithm swirls those virtual tickets around at random.

Say goodbye to human error, sticky tickets, and printer mishaps.

2. Who picks the winner?

It's up to you, the charity running the raffle, to pick your winner(s).

3. How does it work?

Now, onto the main event – picking your lucky winner! 

In the Rafflebox Dashboard under your 'Ended' event, click the 'Prizes & Winners' tab and you will see the button waiting for you: 'Pick Grand Prize Winner'.

With a click of a few buttons after that, your raffle is ready for our platform to sprinkle its magic RNG dust and pick your winner. 

4. That's it?

Yup. It's not meant to be a movie, okay?

With a click of a few buttons and a moment of anticipation, your winning ticket number will display on screen, along with your lucky winner's details. 

No confetti included (but we encourage you to create your own celebration - after all, every victory deserves a grand celebration!)

Ready to pick your winner(s)? Here's how.

5. Who tells the winner?

Once the winner is picked it's time for you to seal the deal.

Click 'Confirm' with confidence after contacting your winner via phone call and/or email. Then, click 'Close' on your raffle. The winning ticket number will appear on your raffle webpage 24 hours after doing so.

Now you can pay your winner from your funds raised directly from your Stripe payments account, or whatever your plan was. Announce your winner on social media, email your supporters, and take a picture to remember the winning moment!

So, what's on the agenda now?

After confirming your winner and cleaning up the confetti, it's time to start plotting your next big move armed with all the insights you've gained from this raffle experience.

What knocked it out of the park?

What fell short?

How can you level up for your upcoming raffle?