Raising more with the ‘In Support Of’ feature

The decision is made – you’re running a raffle. Now you need ideas for raising funds. 

Feb 27, 2023

The decision is made – you’re running a raffle. Now you need ideas for raising funds. 

What’s the ‘In Support Of’ feature? 

You’ll have lots of people selling tickets for your raffle, so if you’re interested in tracking who’s selling what, the ‘In Support Of’ feature comes in handy. 

The ‘In Support Of’ feature adds a drop-down list to your raffle page where ticket buyers can select their seller (the person they’re supporting by buying the ticket).  

The feature can be used for all kinds of tracking, but the most common use is tracking sales for sports teams. For example, you’re running a 50/50 raffle for your kid’s hockey team. To drum up a little healthy competition, you implement the ‘In Support Of’ feature so you can track who’s selling the most tickets. When the raffle wraps, you celebrate Johnny Raffle for selling the most tickets with a prize.   

How charity partners use the ‘In Support Of’ feature.

Cole Harbour Minor Hockey Association’s monthly 50/50 raffle 

The Cole Harbour Minor Hockey Association (CHMHA) from Nova Scotia, Canada runs a monthly 50/50 raffle – and a pretty successful one at that. They’ve raised up to $63,000 per Jackpot using the ‘In Support Of’ feature.  

When you purchase a ticket for CHMHA’s raffle, you’re prompted to select the team member you’re supporting. With funds supporting individual registration fees, travel costs, and more, this allows the organization to divvy up earnings based on who raised what. 

  • 🔥 Hot tip: Your raffle page can also display how much each player is fundraising – an added incentive if you want to create a little healthy competition. It’s displayed on the raffle page under “Top Fundraisers” tab, which you’ll find between the page’s “About” and “Rules” tabs.  
Sport Nova Scotia’s monthly 50/50 raffle
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Sport Nova Scotia’s “Sport Split” raffle supports sports teams and clubs across the province with monthly raffles (which so far, are earning over $44,000 each month.)  

Because the organization oversees dozens of groups, they’ve set up their raffle page so first, you select the team you’re supporting, then the player on that team. By tracking how much each team is earning (and who’s earning the most within that team), Sport Nova Scotia can allocate funds fairly across the province. Plus, people love directly supporting the team member they know – the Sport Split raffle is selling 10x more tickets than before the ‘In Support Of’ feature (and Rafflebox.) 

Canadian Cancer Society’s prize raffle 

An annual fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society in British Columbia, “Cops for Cancer – Tour de Rock” has cyclists register and sell raffle tickets for prizes like vacation packages and flights. In 2022, the organization used the ‘In Support Of’ feature so ticket buyers could select the group and the group member they’re supporting. 

Evan Hardy Chem Free After Grad Party prize raffle
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This group used the ‘In Support Of’ feature in a less typical way, but it’s a fun example of how you can customize the dropdown list to work for your fundraising goals.  

Evan Hardy Collegiate in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan hosted a traditional “guess how many jellybeans there are in the jar” contest, but wanted to move it online to sell more tickets. Using the ‘In Support Of’ feature, they customized the dropdown to contain numbers 2,500 – 4,000 so ticket buyers could select how many jellybeans they thought were in the jar. 

The student fundraiser made $1,500 – and we were thrilled to see our charity partners get creative with the dropdown. 




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