Les Régates de Valleyfield 50/50

Oct 11, 2023

Les Régates de Valleyfield is an annual hydroplane racing event in Québec that takes place over two weekends.

They always run a 50/50 raffle, but this year's was a little different. They raised $23,000 more than the year before by switching to Rafflebox.

“We're already thinking ahead to next year, about how to make it even easier to buy tickets. I see big things!"

- Patrick Cheff, Raffle Administrator

So, how'd they do it?

1. They used reliable handheld devices to make buying and selling tickets easy.

“Last year, the handheld sales devices wouldn't hold a charge. This year, volunteers had 50% left at the end of the day!”

Blog graphics2. They built a donor contact list by collecting email addresses and phone numbers from every ticket buyer.

"Every time someone bought tickets, the handhelds asked for their email and phone number with no extra pressure on our volunteers."

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3. They ran 12 separate 50/50 raffles with $10,000 jackpot limits (and more winners = more excitement).

“Having different winners helped us build excitement on social media, which people were seeing while on their phones at the event. Then, they would find us and buy more tickets!"

Thinking about running a raffle at your event? 

“We're a non-profit organization so a tight profit margin is important for us. I did my research [on raffle platforms] and Rafflebox matched our budget. We're really pleased and look forward to using it again!"

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