Chase Sanctuary's first ever 50/50 raffle

Sep 18, 2023

Now that they're running raffles, Chase Sanctuary has a new way to raise over $1,000 a day. 👀

Quick version:

- 50/50 first-timers 🎟️

- Raised $30,430 in 28 days 💰

- Only sold tickets online 🛒

“I was nervous to recommend a raffle. I needed to make sure we were crossing our Ts and dotting our Is and just feel comfortable doing it in the State of Florida. Rafflebox pointed me in the right direction."

- Kim Harwell, Raffle Administrator

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So, how'd they do it?

They launched it on social media and with an email and hit $1,800 on the first day 📧

“[Our CEO] is a risk taker. She was like, let's do it! So we were very, very pleasantly surprised that it did as well as it did.”

They pushed it all month long with targeted social ads and emails ⏳

"When we got down to six days, we were counting down and highlighting the jackpot because it was climbing. We have about 67,000 Facebook followers so we were putting updates on there and boosting those posts.”

They raised $10,000 in the last four days.

“Our goal was to raise $10,000 total. The jackpot was climbing a lot in those last few days. I mean, we were shocked. We were thinking if we hit $10,000, we're successful!”

Thinking about running an online raffle? 

HubSpot blog graphics - Phone frames (2)Next time Chase Sanctuary runs a 50/50, they can download a list of "past ticket buyers" so they're reaching their long-time supporters and new contacts, too.

“[Our success] was a combination of things. [Rafflebox] was willing to brainstorm with me and yeah, it worked!”

We're inspired by Chase Sanctuary's first raffle success. If you are too and think a raffle could work for your organization, share your email and we'll send you a platform overview: