The Sport Split 50/50 draw

Aug 17, 2023

Sport Nova Scotia's Sport Split 50/50 strives to develop amateur sports and the people who play them in the province. And now that they're fundraising more with their monthly 50/50, they're able to make a bigger impact (like, much bigger.)

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How Sport Nova Scotia works:
  • Sport Nova Scotia is a membership-based organization serving over 160,000 athletes, coaches, and officials.
  • Their mission is to support and develop amateur sport in Nova Scotia.
  • They use funding for a wide range of sports programs and services (including KidSport.)
How Sport Split 50/50 works:
  • They run a monthly 50/50 with draws on the 1st of each month.
  • They do an Early Bird draw on the 15th of every month.
  • They let ticket buyers tell them which team and/or player they're supporting using Rafflebox's 'In Support Of' drop-down lists.

Adding an Early Bird draw to your raffle helps build jackpot excitement earlier on (which is important when you're selling tickets over a month.) Plus, Sport Nova Scotia has access to some particularly exciting prizes like weekend hotel stays and VIP soccer tickets. Early Birds are a perfect opportunity to use them.

How much they're raising:

In 2020, Sport Nova Scotia started fundraising with a different raffle platform and their jackpots hit around $5,000 per month. Fast forward to December 2022, they switched to Rafflebox and raised $36,000. Then, they doubled it to $61,000 the next month. From $5,000 a month to $61,000 a month is an 1120% growth rate. We like that kind of math!

Why their raffle is successful:

They track which sellers are getting the most support using the 'In Support Of' drop-down menu.

And with this information, they can fairly distribute funds and create a little healthy competition by celebrating top sellers. 

They make link sharing really easy.

Sellers get their own unique URLs, and every time someone uses it to buy a ticket, it tracks that sale back to them. They even supply teams with content to promote the raffle.

Why it keeps growing:

Sport Nova Scotia's membership is growing since launching the Sport Split 50/50 raffle, and that's because people see the raffle's success and want in on it. 

We love the ability to track individual sales. We can attribute the work to the player — and that's made a big difference. With the rising cost of sport, Rafflebox provides us a unique fundraising opportunity where we can offer bigger 50/50 jackpots. We combine ticket sales from all participating teams and clubs into one monthly pot. Groups share the raffle link on social media and in their newsletters. They love how easy it is to raise funds through Sport Split."

- Jeff LeDrew, Marketing and Events Director

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