What type of raffle fundraiser should you run?

Feb 27, 2023

What type of raffle should you run? Like most things in life, it all depends.

What's a 50/50 raffle? 

A 50/50 raffle is a low-risk fundraising option. You build a jackpot by selling raffle tickets, then draw a winner to take half and the other half stays with your organization. 

50/50s. They’re pretty self-explanatory. They're flexible. 

No need for a prize. Your supporters help you build that.

But if you do have something exciting to raffle off... We love a good prize raffle.

We’ve seen groups raffle off dream homes, brand-new cars, RVs, vacation packages...

Does this get your sponsorship wheels turning? 

🔥 Hot tip: Is there an opportunity to team up with local businesses and community groups to get your hands on sought-after prizes? Some of our charity partners get prize donations from their partners – ideal if you want to maximize earnings. We’ve also seen charity partners purchase major prizes at cost.   

Let us tell you, AndyVent takes prize raffles to a whole new level; this one requires an immense amount of collaboration, coordination, and communication. 

These campaigns introduce unique twists to the traditional concept of a prize raffle. What will your prize raffle look like? Well, that's entirely up to you. 

AndyVent Prize Raffle powered by Rafflebox in support of Feed Nova Scotia          AndyVent Prize Raffle powered by Rafflebox in support of Feed Nova Scotia   

You can always enhance your prize raffle by incorporating a 50/50 bonus draw, allowing your supporters to participate in both. By introducing more prizes, you increase the number of winners and generate even more excitement and anticipation among your supporters.

Take inspiration from the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation, who organized the ultimate cash raffle featuring multiple early bird draws and an enticing 50/50 bonus draw. Remember, prizes don't always have to be physical; cash prizes can be equally exciting.

Moreover, don't overlook the power of our 'in support of' feature, which enables supporters to choose their preferred school when purchasing tickets. This personalized touch adds an extra layer of connection and engagement to your raffle experience.


Don't forget to add an Early Bird draw.

Groups raise the most during the last two days of their raffle.

If you want to build an exciting jackpot sooner so even more people participate during the last push, add an Early Bird draw.

An Early Bird draw takes place before your Grand Prize draw. This incentivizes people to buy their tickets and grow the jackpot earlier on.

People who enter before the Early Bird deadline are eligible for both the Early Bird prize and the Grand Prize. All the more reason to support your raffle.

For major weekly raffles like the Nova Scotia Firefighters' 50/50, a $1,000 Early Bird prize pushes people to buy tickets before the very last minute (which is every Thursday at 9pm EST.)

50/50s, prize raffles, Early Bird draws... There are a few ways to set up your raffle.

Once you decide what type of raffle to run, add the 'In Support Of' drop-down to your raffle page and start tracking who's getting the most support.

Ready to raffle? Fill out your information and we'll reach out with your next steps.