Rafflebox + Babe Ruth League Fundraising Partnership

May 1, 2023

Get your ball caps on and your 50/50 tickets out. We're partnering, officially, with Babe Ruth League to support youth sports fundraising.

What's a Rafflebox?

Rafflebox is an online fundraising platform that powers raffles for charities like sports teams. When teams use Rafflebox, they:

  • Sign up for no cost and receive a raffle page URL link to spread far and wide.
  • Get access to features like 'In Support Of' to generate excitement and competition around fundraising.
  • Eliminate the need for a lot of administrative duties. (Yeah, we love efficiency too.)

How do Rafflebox and Babe Ruth League work together?

Babe Ruth League athletes need to focus on their game, not worry about if they can afford to play it. Babe Ruth League has a history of fundraising to support their teams and athletes, and now with Rafflebox as an official partner, there's an opportunity to build a long-term, consistent fundraising program fans love.

50/50 draws are a tradition at sports games. With online fundraising and purchasing at an all-time high, teams need a way to enable all of their fans to buy tickets, no matter if that's from in the stands or at home getting the text updates. Rafflebox's online fundraising platform makes it easy to share and post a link, sell tickets online, and grow an exciting Jackpot that fans want to be a part of.

What's different about Rafflebox?

We'll try to keep our ego in check here, but we're confident Rafflebox is the best way to run fundraising raffles for your sports team, and the 'In Support Of' feature is a big part of that belief.

The ‘In Support Of’ feature adds a drop-down list to your raffle page where ticket buyers can select their seller (the person they’re supporting by buying the ticket).  

in support of

The ‘In Support Of’ feature tracks a team's top fundraisers, making it possible to create a little healthy competition to encourage every team member to participate.

Ready to raffle?

We're excited to grow our sponsorship with the Babe Ruth League and can't wait to see how much success they have using the Rafflebox platform.