How to hype up your raffle fundraiser over the holidays

Dec 4, 2023

Because it’s the season of giving, and that’s not just a one-liner. 30% of not-for-profit donations happen in December!

Let’s deck the halls, update your raffle for the holidays, and see how your jackpot grows before the end of the year.

Decorate your graphics for the holidays

Consider updating your raffle banner and social media graphics to get your supporters to get in the giving spirit.

Even if your raffle itself isn’t Christmas-themed, you can still give your banner a little holiday flair with a border like this one:

Or add some fun ornaments that compliment your logo like LoSeCa Foundation:

And if you come up with something that really makes those sleighbells ring, share it again:

In an email to your past ticket buyers

✅ On your Facebook Page banner

✅ In your pinned post on Instagram

✅ On a new QR code poster

Here are Canva templates if you need somewhere to start!

Reach out to your influential supporters

Do you know anyone with an online influence who cares about your cause? Reach out and ask them to share your raffle!

Send them a DM on whatever social media platform they use the most and keep it simple. 

Include a quick note about:

✅ Why you’re raising funds

(This monthly 50/50 helps us take in X more surrendered pets a year” or “This holiday mega raffle supports our school breakfast program for the first half of next year”)

✅ Why you’re reaching out to them specifically

(“We appreciate all the love you show us online already” or “We see your dedication to causes like ours online and feel our mission aligns with your values”)

✅ A link to your Rafflebox page

Then, DM them a post from your profile where you talk about your raffle. Even if they don’t have the capacity to get creative, they can still “share” your raffle with their audience.

When the Nova Scotia SPCA partnered up with Dogfluencer, Percy Doodle to plug their raffle, their jackpot went from about $7,000 per week (four weeks before the post) to $10,000 a week (four weeks after the post). 

Promote your raffle at holiday markets and events

Are any of your supporters going to craft fairs, farmers’ markets, corporate holiday parties, or other events where they could promote your raffle?

Give your network a QR code poster they can print and stick on tables, bulletin boards, or even just save to their phone and show friends.

It gives them an opportunity to do a little holiday fundraising for a group they care about and it’s a chance for you to grow your reach.

Remind your ticket sellers: It’s go time

Send your students, coaches, parents — whoever is selling tickets a reminder that now's their chance to raise more.

You may even want to incentivize selling tickets from now until the end of the year. 

For example, the Calgary Catholic Education Foundation brought donuts and coffee to top fundraising schools a few times during their raffle.

Tampa Bay United’s 50/50 raffle to support the Moffatt Cancer Center encourages their players to get out there and fundraise by offering a cash prize for top sellers:

Get festive with your fundraising

Who knows, it might pay off (and pay out for your big winner).

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