Raise more this GivingTuesday with your raffle

Nov 9, 2023

Is your raffle running during GivingTuesday? (It’s on November 28th this year.) 

If so, you'll want to use it as an opportunity to grow your jackpot, engage supporters, and raise more for your cause.

In a nutshell, GivingTuesday is a movement to support charity after one of the world's biggest shopping days, "Black Friday".

Statistics show that charities who actively fundraise on GivingTuesday raise 256x more than those who don’t. And, they keep raising almost six times more through to December 31st after a GivingTuesday push.

Plus, non-profits raise 45% of their annual funds during the last 45 days of the year.

In other words, you need a plan to promote your raffle on GivingTuesday and raise more.

Your GivingTuesday raffle promotion checklist:

Email your past ticket buyers and remind them about your raffle * (here’s how)

Find influencers or content creators to help spread the word on social media (here's how the Nova Scotia SPCA did it with a Dogfluencer)

Update your raffle banner and social media graphics (here are templates to edit in Canva)

⬜ Make a new poster or other signage with QR codes (here's a list of places to put QR codes and a poster template)

Check out GivingTuesday's free graphics and use those, where applicable

Ready to take on GivingTuesday? 

Don’t forget to tag us on social media when you’re spreading the word about your raffle. 

* Do you have a marketing budget? Rafflebox offers custom email campaigns for your raffle. Reach out if you’re interested: